Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Clothing Purge!

It's almost that time again, if not already.  That's right!  Time to clean out those closets!  ...for me it was more like clean out the closet, dresser, and additional storage tub.  I try to go through my clothes at LEAST once a year to decide what I want to keep and what needs to go.  I love to hang on to things as long as possible, but my husband and I are moving this summer and I would hate to cart a bunch of clothes unnecessarily across several states to clutter our new home.  Going through clothes for me is like going to the dentist; I don't like to go, but it needs to be done.  My main reasons for my dislike of my annual closet cleaning are 1) hanging onto clothing with sentimental value, regardless of if it fits, 2) most of the clothes I get rid of, I get rid of because they're too small, and 3) I paid good money for my clothes, only to do away with them now.  Here are my tips for a successful and mostly pain-free clothing purge:

  • If you can't remember the last time you wore it, put it in the "To - Go" pile.  No need to try it on.  Chances are you won't be wearing it anytime soon.
  • If the item looks like it's straight out of another decade, again, put it in the pile.
  • Feel free to try each item on or don't, but you need to make a decision on whether to keep it or toss it.  If it's been at the back of your closet or bottom of your dresser drawer for the last year and you aren't excited to find it... another item for the pile.  
I like to separate my clothes into three piles: 1) to keep, 2) to donate, and 3) to trash.  I know there are many people out there who are less fortunate who would really benefit from my gently used clothing, so I try to donate as much as possible.  My go-to donation station is Goodwill, or a thrift store of my careful choosing.  However, if the clothes are too worn, have stains, etc., I try to salvage them as dust rags/cleaning cloths, otherwise, they get tossed.  Here are the last two of my bags to take to Goodwill. 

As much as I dread my annual clothing purge, I feel a lot better once it's done.  I feel accomplished, organized, and philanthropic knowing I'm helping someone else by donating my clothes.  Once I've decided what to keep, I organize my closet and hang my clothes by 'dressy-ness'.  My casual tops go together, and my dressy tops go in another spot, while dresses and dress pants go together.  If you're going through your dresser as well as I did, I have everything out by the time I'm done.  I refold what I'm keeping and put it neatly away.  Happy Cleaning! 

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  1. I am SO over-do for a closet clean-out. You're motivating me to just do it. I can't tell you how many clothes I carted back and forth from our move to Philly and back to Florida that I STILL haven't worn!!! Such a waste!