Sunday, March 11, 2012

DIY Reusable To-Do List

I whipped up a crafty little project today, which was an inspiration of a combination of two ideas I saw on Pinterest.  Here is my reusable To-Do List:

Here is your supply list:
  • Clear plastic picture frame (Mine is 5x7 and I got it at Walmart for $0.95)
  • Sheet of scrapbook paper cut to fit frame
  • 2"x2" post-it notes
  • Ruler
  • Paper cutter (or scissors if you have steady hands!)
  • Pen, pencil
  • Embellishments for your frame (stickers, bows, etc.)

  1. Start by cutting your scrapbook paper to the size of your frame.  I chose a 5x7 frame so I could put two post-it notes, but you can use a 4x6 frame and use one larger post-it, or a bigger frame, and so on.
  2. Use a ruler to evenly space your post-its on your paper.  You can make some light markings with a pencil.  
  3. Make a box around the stack of post-it notes by making dashed lines, dots, or squiggles. 
  4. For your title, you can write it in pen, or use letter stickers.
  5. Slide your paper into the frame.  
  6. If you wish, you can embellish your frame with stickers or bows (which I plan to do once I get to Michael's to get some cute stuff!)
  7. Write your To-Do reminders on the post-it notes and stick them in the boxes on your frame.
  8. Peel off and discard once the task is complete!

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