Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish Spray Review

(Some of you may have seen my video reviews of products that I have posted here on my blog, however, I have decided to start doing a written review to go along with my videos.  This is my first!)

Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish Spray (Oily Skin Formula) 2oz
Let me start off by saying "I am a makeup junkie."  They say the first step is admitting you have a problem.  Well there ya go.  I am willing to try just about every product out there, barring that it isn't ridiculously expensive and it's not made of something foul like animal poop.  I had heard about this Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup Finish Spray from a couple other beauty gurus that I follow.  I am cursed with oily, and therefore shiny skin, so when I heard about this product, I was quite interested to try it out.  I had an Amazon gift card and found a 2oz bottle of it on Amazon.com that I was willing to use my gift card on.  I was quite excited to receive it and try it, because in addition to the claims of it reducing/eliminating shine, it also claimed to help keep your makeup stay put for up to 16 hours!  Woohoo! 

I was surprised to learn when I received it and read the bottle prior to using it, that you're supposed to use it both before and after you apply your makeup.  I have been using the spray each day for about a month now. I really like how refreshing it is to spray on my face and kind of gives you a dewy look.  The mist is really fine and I don't feel like I'm shooting myself in the face with a Super Soaker each time I use it.  Maybe my face is just too darn oily and is beyond help, but sadly this Skindinavia spray has not kept my shine and oil away.  It does however help my makeup stay put!  As a stay at home mom, I pretty much NEVER have makeup on for 16 hours a day, so I can't speak to the claim of if it works for that long, but by the end of the day when I'm 'taking my face off' my makeup still looks pretty spiffy.  (Minus the shiny T-zone).  Some of the other things I love about this product are:

  1. It is NOT tested on animals.  Big YAY to that!
  2. It is oil free.  No need to add more oil to this oil slick.
  3. It doesn't stain clothing.  Not that I already don't have baby barf on my clothes, but it's nice that if I get a little crazy with my spraying that I won't add more stains to my clothes. 
  4. For all of you contact wearers and sensitive eye folks, it is eye tested!
  5. It is doesn't really have a smell.  It doesn't claim to be fragrance free, but the smell (if there is one) is really light. 
Unfortunately, this product is a little too expensive for my budget.  As I mentioned earlier, I bought the 2oz bottle, which is small, but I didn't want to go with the huge size not knowing if I would like it.  I'm not sure how the price is if you buy directly from them or a beauty retailer, but on Amazon, which I find to be generally cheaper... the 2oz bottle will run you $14.50, the 4oz bottle is $29.00, and the 6oz one is $39.00.  (Note: these are Amazon's prices as of this posting.  Prices are subject to change).  It does make financial sense to purchase the large size, as the cost per ounce is less, but I really can't justify spending almost $40.00 for 6oz of spray.  

Overall, I like the spray, although it does nothing to aid in my shine banishing mission.  While I can't afford to continually buy this product, I would recommend it. 

To see my YouTube video review for this product, please click here.

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