Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rubbermaid 2-Quart Carafe Review

Another product review!

Today's product under review is the Rubbermaid 2-Quart Carafe.  I am a big fan of the 'on-the-go' drink mixes that come in the pitcher packs.  Now that I seem to only be able to find Crystal Light in the 2-quart sizes, I was on the hunt for a 2-quart carafe to make and store my drinks.  I stumbled across this Rubbermaid carafe in Target, but searched for it on and found it for cheaper, so I purchased it there.  (FYI - I have since found it in Meijer for cheaper than Amazon if you are interested.)  It is big and bulky in my opinion, in the wrong areas.  I really can't find a decent place to keep it in my fridge.  It is too wide at the base for me to fit it in the door, and too tall to fit on the shelf, rendering it pretty useless, unless I lay it on its side, which I am reluctant to do in the event that it leaks.  It claims to have a "leak proof seal", but I wouldn't like to test that out and find I have sticky drink all over the inside of the fridge.  Additionally, there are two spouts to pour out of: one is open, and the other one is partitioned, so that if you have ice in the carafe, it won't pour out when you pour the drink.  I find both of the spouts to be too wide, and regardless of which side I use, when I pour, the drink splashes everywhere.  The first and only drink I have made in the Rubbermaid carafe is the Crystal Light Mocktails Appletini, and this carafe REALLY retains the smell.  I finished the drink and washed the carafe several weeks prior to doing this review, and the smell of the appletini is still quite strong inside.  My last and final complaint, is that this is not BPA-free.  I tend to buy BFA-free plastics to store food/drink in, and I didn't realize until after purchasing this, that it is not.  Overall, I would not recommend this product.  I was really excited to find a carafe sizable enough to make my drink mixes, but my expectations were not met.  Maybe if you have a huge refrigerator and you don't mind now having a BPA-free carafe, this would be okay for you.  I don't have any idea how to solve the issue of the splashing when pouring.

I previously was using a Takeya 360 Carafe, which is just a little over 1-quart capacity.  Other than it not being large enough to make the drink mixes, I have had none of the issues with this carafe that I've had with the Rubbermaid.  In addition, the Takeya is BPA-free!  Overall, I like the lid/pouring portion of this carafe better than Rubbermaid's, and I have frequently turned it upside down to shake up my drinks to mix them, and never had an issue with leakage.  The size is perfect and fits multiple areas of my fridge.  While it isn't big enough to make the 2-quart drink mixes, I will just do a little math and scale it down to make 1/2 the amount so I can continue using this carafe.

To see my YouTube video review of this product, please click here.

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