Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Brown Rice Baked With Sweet Potato TRISCUITS - Roasted Sweet Onion

Hello strangers!

I do apologize for my long hiatus with updating this blog.  I have been extremely busy, and unfortunately this wasn't a priority, so it fell to the wayside.

I have a new food product review for you today, and that is a new variety of Triscuits!  Brown Rice Baked With Sweet Potato Triscuit - Roasted Sweet Onion.

I am an avid Triscuit eater, and Roasted Garlic Triscuits have been my jam for several years now.  I eat them with my lunch every day, so naturally I'm buying Triscuits on a regular basis, wherever they are cheapest.  Yesterday I was in my local Meijer and stumbled across these lovlies!  

 Just days before I was in Target & Walmart and they did not have this new line of Triscuits.  There are four new flavors in the line:

  • Brown Rice Baked With Sweet Potato - Roasted Sweet Onion (shown above)
  • Brown Rice Baked With Sweet Potato - Sweet Potato & Sea Salt
  • Brown Rice - Tomato & Sweet Basil
  • Brown Rice Baked With Red Bean - Savory Red Bean 
It is possible there are more, but in my excitement at the store, I can't recall.   I am not a fan of onions, as in, I never eat them, but this flavor sounded really good.  I picked up a box and looked for some reviews online of them, but found nothing.  (Hopefully this review helps anyone doing the same!).  

Anywho, I popped these open today at lunch and they were FANTASTIC!  I feel like they are smaller in size than typical Triscuits, but that may be an illusion.  They look like they are fried, but alas!  They are baked, just like Triscuits have always been.  It is not as easy to see the woven texture that you've come to know with Triscuits.  But pish posh, let's get to the good stuff.  They are crispy and crunchy like no Triscuit before, and FULL of flavor!  I can taste the sweet potato and sweet onion, not so much the brown rice, but I am still a fan.  These definitely give my old standby Roasted Garlic a run for their money.  I believe this come in the same size box as the usual Triscuits, 9 ounces.  

The ingredient list is short: long grain brown rice, soybean oil, whole grain soft white wheat, dried sweet potato, onion powder, brown sugar, sweet potato powder, sea salt, sugar, garlic powder, dried molasses, natural flavor, dried parsley, yeast extract, distilled white vinegar, and citric acid.

That's a big thumbs up for me.  The serving size is 6 crackers, and for that you get:

Despite the seemingly smaller size, overall, these rock my world.  Give them a shot if you happen to see them on your supermarket shelves, and lets keep our fingers crossed that Nabisco lets them stick around!

See my video review HERE.

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